Building on Slopes and Narrow Blocks

Making the Most of Sloping and Narrow Blocks

Building on Slopes and Narrow Blocks

In the past, building on slopes and narrow blocks was a serious problem. These days, it's just a good excuse for a beautiful split-level home. Thanks to modern design, you can actually add space in these building environments.

If you're looking at buying a block on a slope or a narrow block, we have more good news for you. These blocks are quite easy to manage and you can build a beautiful home on both types of block. Read on to learn more.

Building on Slopes

There are two basic ways of dealing with a sloping block; you can excavate a building space or go for the simpler option, which is a split-level design.

The problem with excavation is the sometimes unpredictable costs involved. The other, more irritating, problem is that excavation may not provide many benefits in terms of home building space or design options.

The split-level solution is simple and quicker, offering a very broad range of design choices.

Even a big home like the Highland can be put on a sloping block. This split-level home is a four-bedroom home and it can easily be built on even a very demanding building block.

Narrow Blocks

Narrow blocks are more typical of inner-city areas, but they’re found all around Australia. At first glance, a narrow block usually looks too narrow and can be a bit of a disincentive to building. Fortunately, for many Australian homeowners, a narrow block can be turned into a home building and design opportunity.

Building design has simply had to adapt to a narrow block, with two solutions available. Homes can be created to suit the thinner block width, such as the Cresmina, or a split-level home can be designed based on the block size to create cubic space.

Talk to a Builder!

Don't let a good opportunity to build pass you by. Talk to your local homebuilders about your building block choices. They will be able to reassure you about the viability of your space.

It’s also a good idea to talk to your builders about other possible problems if there are additional site issues. Even a flat building block needs to be assessed for any possible building issues.

Ready to Build, or at the Planning Stages of Buying a Block?

Before you spend a cent, speak to McDonald Jones about house and land packages. Ask our experts for any help you need with building block issues and building design options. Contact us online or ring us on 1300 555 382. Our experts can deliver a beautiful, practical and affordable split level design for you.