Corner Block Homes

Is a Corner Block Best for You?

Corner Block Homes

When you are considering which location and which home design is right for you, your lifestyle and your family, you may want to consider a corner block. The corner block homes from McDonald Jones are simply superior because we make the most of the extra space! Corner block home designs are popular for many McDonald Jones clients because a corner block offers more privacy (with a neighbour just on one side), more available parking, easy access at multiple access points, a chance to make a statement on your street and ample outdoor space and room to add on, if you desire to in the future. Visit our corner block homes designs in New South Wales today and find out all the available benefits that are offered, in corner block home designs in Sydney or greater NSW. 

The Benefits of Corner Block Homes

Corner block home designs in Sydney and greater NSW have many benefits. There is only a neighbour on one side of the house, not two, so even though your house is facing the street (depending on your location and the size of your block) you actually have a lot more privacy! This also equals more available parking for you and your guests and easy access into the home. Many who choose from our corner block home designs, choose to make use of the multiple access points and even incorporate things like a separate home office. As well as making an aesthetic statement on your street, with a corner block home that is actually designed for the block, you will also allow yourself the room to build in future. If you ever want to add a room, an extension or an outdoor space, a corner block will definitely provide you with the best opportunity to do so. 

Do You Work or Study at Home?

Corner Block Homes Study and Home Office

If you work at home, which is common after the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-22, a corner block home design from McDonald Jones Homes could be perfect choice for you. Check out our post on why corner blocks are great for at-home workers and discover all of the many benefits of a corner block and why they are so great for those that work from home.

Discover our corner block home designs at McDonald Jones Homes’ corner block display homes in New South Wales or enquire online today.