Brown cardboard boxes with house or office goods. Different stuff packed in carton boxes. Moving concept.

6 Packing Hacks to Make Your Move Easier

Brown cardboard boxes with house or office goods. Different stuff packed in carton boxes. Moving concept.

Moving house can be a whirlwind of stress, excitement, chaos and heavy lifting; but there are some tips and tricks that McDonald Jones Homes can share with you, to make life that much easier. Get out a notepad and title it “Moving Into a New House Checklist” and write down these tips for what to do when moving house. 

Make a First Day Basket of Kitchen and Bathroom Necessities

One of the most important moving house packing tips is to make the first-day basket of kitchen and bathroom essentials. Ensure you prioritise items that you will need when you first move in are easily accessible and aren’t 3 layers deep in an unmarked box. Think toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, makeup, skincare, cutlery and cooking items. 

Cutting board in kitchen

Always Label Boxes & Try Colour Coding

Always label boxes! When moving house, often people assume that labelling their boxes is a waste of time, as they can just unpack as soon as they've moved in. More often than not, however, the exhaustion of moving and the chaos of daily life in a new house takes over and unpacking takes longer than expected. You can also try colour coding or taking pictures, so you can find things easily and skip the panic of rifling through books when you need a fork.

Wrap Plates and Pack Vertically

A great tip to avoid breakages is to wrap plates and ceramics and actually pack them vertically rather than horizontally. This avoids common breakages that are due to the pressure of plates and bowls constantly being moved whilst on top of each other. Save your ceramics and go vertical!

Packing plates for moving house

If you run out of Bubble Wrap, use Plastic Grocery Bags 

When and if you run out of bubble wrap, which is usually a last minute ‘oh no’ moment, try using your plastic or canvas grocery bags for extra padding. Using grocery bags not only saves space and bubble wrap but also it protects toiletries from leaking!

Keep Clothing on Hangers

Rather than unhanging and re-hanging all of your clothes between houses, simply keep your clothing on their hangers and put them laid flat into garbage bags, tieing each one at the top for easy and simple unpacking.

Clothes on hanger moving tips


Tape an “X” Across Mirrors

The last tip from McDonald Jones in what to do when moving house is to tape an “X” across all of your mirrors. This actually helps to protect your antiques against shattering and is a great measure for added safety. 

If you’re tired of your old house and want to move, talk to the McDonald Jones Team about building a new home design in your dream location. Also check out our social channels for a moving house checklist for NSW and much more. Feel free to contact the team at McDonald Jones Homes.