Find your perfect block of land with McDonald Jones

What To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Lot Of Land

Find your perfect block of land with McDonald Jones

Buying a plot of land can be tricky business. There are lot of variables and factors to weigh up, even without taking into consideration all the extrinsic lifestyle factors like proximity to public transport and shopping centres. You must think very carefully about the lot itself, and what sort of home you intend to build on it.

What Are You Looking For?

When selecting a lot of land, as with any major life decision, it important to be clear on your needs and take stock of your own desires. Make a list of must-haves (the price, for example, or the size) and things you would prefer but might be happy to compromise on like aspect your home will have once built or location within the development or estate.


When it comes to a lot, size matters. Buying a lot too small to build your dream home to house you and your family will be frustrating and disappointing, as you may not be able to build the house design you have your heart set on. Similarly, buying a lot that is too big could mean that suddenly you have far more upkeep and maintenance to do than you had anticipated. So be clear and think about what you need, and what you're willing to spend to get it.


There are a lot of strangely shaped lots out there, especially if you’re looking in an area that isn’t entirely flat. The incline and shape can drastically affect not just your build and the cost to build the home you want, but also your lifestyle. You may have to build a narrow house with rooms branching off from a central corridor, or could you build the large open-plan living room/kitchen you’ve always dreamed of?


It’s essential to familiarise yourself with the area you’re building in. Not just its layout, but also the various restrictions, regulations, and planning permissions you might need to get your DA through Council.

It’s an all too familiar story of someone buying their dream lot, building their dream house, and then being unable to erect the man-cave they always wanted in the backyard, or the dream Alfresco, because of Council restrictions. Don’t be caught unaware; do the research and talk to a professional prior to purchasing the block of land to avoid disappointment and frustration.

Climate and Safety

It is important to know for building and BASIX purposes where the sun will hit the building, so that you can insulate and design properly. Energy efficiency is of great importance to improve liveability all year round for your home, with low energy consumption. It is also important for your safety to know if you’re in a bushfire zone, or a place which floods regularly as your home design will be affected by these factors, as may your costs due to specialised materials or design alterations required to achieve BASIX.

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