Moving In - Home Rituals from around the Globe

Moving In - Home Rituals from around the Globe

Moving In - Home Rituals from around the Globe

Are you about to move into your brand new home? It’s probably the most exciting time in your life, filled with new beginnings and expectation.

The act of moving is a key event in everyone's life and in many cultures around the world, it's celebrated with housewarming or ‘move in' rituals.  These rituals are centuries old and serve to welcome in luck and clear any bad energy from your new home.

Read on, as we take a look at a few of these rituals from around the globe.

Chinese – Ring a Bell!

The Chinese ritual of ringing a bell is connected to ‘Feng Shui, an ancient system of balancing energies in a space. By ringing a bell, you are helping to clear each room in your new home of stagnant or dying chi/Qi (energy).

According to this philosophy, even a newly built home can contain stagnant chi. This is because builders and other professionals have been inside the home and left their energy behind.

Jewish – Bring Bread and Salt

Jewish tradition dictates that you bring bread and salt to a new home to ensure that through hard work, you are always able to eat. Bread and salt represent two very important symbols of hospitality. Bread, a staple at nearly every meal, was a sign of hospitality not just in Jewish tradition but in various traditions from around the world. In fact, salt was once so that is was used as a currency, meaning it is also a sign of wealth.

Native American – Sage

Burning or smudging sage is a centuries-old Native American tradition which many non-natives have taken up. The burning is believed to clear negative energy and bring in protection to a space.  Holding a sage stick, you would start at the front door and walk around your home clockwise and wave the smoke in the air. Focus particularly on corners as that’s where it’s believed much of the energy accumulates. Open closets and other closed doors. It’s encouraged that you cover up mirrors and windows and turn off electronics when performing this ritual.

Indian - Boil Milk and Rice

Hindu tradition states that you boil milk and rice on your new stove in an open pot until it boils over the sides. This symbolises abundance of prosperity, longevity and food to bless your new home. After it has boiled over, some is offered to the deities of your choice and milk with a bit of sugar is served to the guests in the home.

Feeling Inspired?

We hope you have enjoyed this trip around the globe and into the homes of different cultures. Perhaps you are feeling inspired to perform one of these rituals for yourself. Whatever the case, we wish you all the very best of luck and prosperity with moving into your new home.

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