First Home Buyers Program - Smart Start

The Importance of Visualising the Floor Plan

First Home Buyers Program - Smart Start

Being in the market for a new home can be a confusing and stressful. It’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t just a dream, you will live in this house, and it must accommodate you, your family, and your lifestyle for many years. Walking through a display home can make your dreams and ideas come to life and give you a sense of what life might be like in your new house.

Size Of The Rooms

When walking through a display home, full of furniture and decoration, it is easy to fall in love with the styling and get ideas on what you would select for your own home. As nice as it might be to decorate your house in the same, or similar, fashion, you already have a life full of possessions so you need to consider how your existing furniture goes in your house. So looking at the size of rooms on a floor plan and then walking through a display home will allow you to compare and visualise what will and wont work for you.

Dream Of The Future

Maybe you have a family already or are intending on starting one soon. In either case, your new home will have to be accommodating of the needs of the type of household that you hope for, growing or changing. You might all fit comfortably now, but what about when a new child comes along, or when the others get bigger and need more space? Walking through a display home with these thoughts in mind can help you identify how different rooms can be transformed based on the different life stages you will go through living in that home.

Do Your Research

Walking through one or two display homes isn’t enough. Do your research. Get out and about and visit a number of displays to see different designs and styles. McDonald Jones has more than 70 display homes for you to experience providing you with endless opportunity to weigh up all the factors and make a more informed decision. We also provide you with 3D walk-through or virtual tours of many of our homes and designs, so you can enjoy doing more research in the comfort of your own sofa.

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