Empty land plot for housing construction project and beautiful blue sky with fresh air Land for sale

Choosing The Right Location To Buy A Lot

Empty land plot for housing construction project and beautiful blue sky with fresh air Land for sale

For many people, buying a lot of land, or buying a house, is the biggest financial decision they will ever make. Given the enormity of the commitment, it’s important to make the most informed decision possible.

The old saying in real estate is ‘location, location, location’. Deciding on where to buy is often a far trickier thing to decide than the size of type of house to build. Here, we will discuss some of the things which you need to consider when deciding where to buy a lot.


Family is the most important thing to consider in any life-changing decision. When trying to decide where to buy a lot, the needs of your family will factor highly. With a young family, schools are the priority, but there is a lot more to it than just schools. Sporting clubs, playgrounds, ovals, pools and the like are all great community spaces that help lifestyle affordability and opportunities for a healthy and active childhood. 


As well as the needs of the family, you must weigh up your own lifestyle factors. Are there good gyms nearby? If you go for a surf every week, are you anywhere near a decent beach? Or maybe bike tracks or bushwalking is your thing...check out local groups and council websites.

On top of all the personal lifestyle preferences which might affect what decision you make, there are also questions which are relevant to everyone. Questions like, where is the closest shopping centre? How is the public transport or vicinity to other essential services? While it might be difficult to find a place that gets you everything you want, you can always try!


No one wants to spend half of their waking hours, outside of work, commuting to and from their job. A short period of commuting might be unavoidable, but if you pick the right location for your home you can minimize the commute.

COVID-19 has single-handedly driven the rise of working from home culture around the world, so travel to work may not be needed however another factor may be more about telecommunications infrastructure within the location you are living or looking at the type of home and the affordability of an extra room for a home office that you previously would not have needed or considered working in an office.

The Vibe Of The Area

All the reasons mentioned above are contributing factors to your location decision, but don't forget the unmeasurable vibe of a suburb or community! How do you feel about the area you're looking at? Could it feel like home to you?

What do neighbour buildings look like? If you don’t like the aesthetics of the suburb you’re living in, or how it makes you feel, it might be hard to be happy there. So take a drive and visit the area at different times of the day and different days of the week to really get a feel for the area is the best way to cover all bases.

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