Flow and Function of a Display Home

Assessing the Flow and Function of a Display Home

Flow and Function of a Display Home

When walking a display home with a view towards purchasing it, there are a lot of questions which need to be asked.

Aside from the essentials (Do I like this design? Does this meet the needs of me and my family? Can I build or buy this in my desired location?), there are a lot of seemingly non-essential, but important answers which need to be sought.

You don’t want to buy a house that irritates you with poor design features. We explore a few of the things you should look out for below.


Display Home Flow and Function

Do the doors open all the way into the rooms? Do they block things they shouldn’t block, or are they frustrating to live with? Can you get into and out of the laundry without blocking the washing machine? Can you get into and out of the bathroom without blocking the shower or the sink? Does leaving a door open in your bedroom impede you from being able to access the cupboard?

These might seem like minor concerns when walking a display home but show a poor commitment to the liveability of the house.


Display Home Flow and Function

Another key feature to pay attention to when inspecting a display home is how the house flows.

Your impression when you walk in the front door should not be of a dark, cramped space. Rather, you should be invigorated by light and a sense of the purpose and meaning to the way the house is structured.

Are the bathrooms conveniently located near the bedrooms? Is the entertaining and living space adjacent to the kitchen?

Paying heed to the flow of the house is an essential when walking any display home.

Light Switches

There’s nothing worse that grasping around blindly in the middle of the night for a light switch. Particularly in a new space, a light switch that is not placed intuitively can really bring you a lot of bother.

If they’re also placed behind doors, at strange heights or in random locations in living rooms, then you will quickly find that living in this environment is not fit for purpose.

Convenient Amenities

Display Home Flow and Function

There’s nothing quite so strange as a toilet located next to a kitchen. Consider the position of the laundry or study nooks. Are these placed where you can make use of them without interrupting the life of others at home, and the flow of the house?


Assessing the flow and function of a display home

In both the kitchen and the laundry, as well as cupboards in bedrooms or closet spaces in corridors, you want to be able to freely open them without impeding the flow of the space. As with the doors to rooms, there is little in life that will become so irritating as a badly designed kitchen, where cupboard doors cannot be opened without blocking the fridge, or other cupboards.

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