7 Things to Do Before You Collect Your Keys

7 Things to Do Before You Collect Your Keys

7 Things to Do Before You Collect Your Keys

Congratulations! You’ve finished the long process of building your own home and now you’re ready to move in! Before you collect your keys, there are a few things you need to take care of so you can have a stress-free move in.

Set Up Your Internet

If you want internet upon arrival (why wouldn’t you?), you’ll need to book it in at least three weeks before you move in. Call your internet provider as soon as possible because they often get booked out. Save yourself the frustration of living in an internet-free house.

Connect Your Energy

If you’re moving into an existing house, you’ll need to disconnect the previous tenants’ name and reconnect with your own. If you have a new house, you’ll simply need to call your energy provider and set it up. Give them your connection dates, contact numbers, etc. Have this done before you move in so that you can see where you’re going.

Update Your Address

You should obviously tell your friends and family of your new address change. You’ll also need to remember to change your address with the post office, as well as with your bank, electoral roll, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, car insurance and registration, superannuation, and anything else you can think of. The library, maybe?

Contact Homeowners Insurance

If you’ve cancelled your insurance policy and have started a new one, you’ll likely be covered by the new insurance from the day before you move in. Double check with them to make sure you are covered during the move in the case of any accidents occurring.

Prepare Un-Packing Supplies

It’s a good idea to have tools that you’ll need to unpack on hand and in one place. Put some Allen keys in there, as well as tools you might need to construct furniture, labelled plastic bags with screws from furniture, scissors, screwdrivers, box cutters, etc.

Make a Plan for the Kids and Pets

If you have children that are too young to help, or if you have pets, arrange for them to be looked after at a friend’s (or family member’s) house. You won’t have time to take care of them properly and they might get in the way or get hurt during the move.

Pack a First Night Box

It will be far too frustrating to try to sort through your many boxes and bags to find your toothbrush and a change of clothes. Make sure to have set aside things that you’ll need for the first night, such as toiletries, pyjamas, a change of clothes, towels and linen.

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