4 Benefits of A Backyard Studio Suite

4 Benefits of A Backyard Studio Suite

4 Benefits of A Backyard Studio Suite

When building a new home, why not consider adding a granny flat to the mix? Granny flats, or studio suites, can serve a range of purposes that can add to your lifestyle immensely by offering a touch of luxury and extra space. Check out some of the benefits of building a backyard studio suite along with your new home.

Support for Elderly Parents

As their name and original intention suggests, a backyard studio suite is the perfect place for grandma and grandpa to live. These studios offer absolute comfort and functionality for someone who doesn’t need a lot of space. It is a separate residence to your own home that has a complete living area, kitchen, dining room and laundry space. Add in a large bathroom and more storage options and you’ll see that the designs of these flats are made to foster independence and cater to the daily needs of its residents. You can even choose designs that incorporate outdoor living space, so your elderly mum and dad enjoy the good weather in the comfort of their own space.

For Older Children Who Live at Home

There has been a growing trend for children to live at home longer so that they can save their money and keep close ties with their families. If your older son or daughter would like to live at home, but is old enough for his or her own space, a backyard studio is perfect for them. They’ll have the independence of their own home, but with the proximity to the main house should they need anything.

Alternatively, teenagers can also find a space for themselves in a granny flat. Equip the studio with everything they’ll need to stay entertained, like a desk for homework, a TV, entertainment system and plenty of comfortable seating – such as a few bean bags.

A Guest House

Granny flats are rather inexpensive to build, and they can provide family and friends who are visiting with a space of their own. If there isn’t enough room in the house and you have a particularly large, multigenerational family, a studio suite is perfect for visitors over Christmas or if you have some family planning to stay for the summer.

Work Area or Hobby Space

Do you work from home? You can easily turn your studio suite into a fully functional office. Leaving the house, even if you’re just walking a few paces, is important for some people who need to get their work done remotely.

You can also turn the space into a place for hobbies. It can be transformed into an art studio where you can paint and do woodwork, or make it into a study full of your books for reference as you teach yourself about the feats of Genghis Khan. Alternatively, you can turn it into a gym or yoga studio and enjoy a private space where you can sweat freely.

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