Getting an Energy Efficient Heater for Your Home

Energy Efficient Ducted Gas Heating and Cooling

Getting an Energy Efficient Heater for Your Home

Ducted heating and cooling is the most efficient means of creating a comfortable climate in your home. McDonald Jones Homes installs industry benchmark systems that are both highly efficient and provide complete flexibility in warming or cooling zones or rooms within a home.

A fully ducted heating and cooling system is a reliable and cost-efficient means of maintaining an ideal temperature year-round. Plus, with an energy efficient home design that is environmentally sustainable, you’ll save on energy bills, too.

Good insulation and home orientation lays the foundation for a home that meets or exceeds energy efficiency standards. Your building and design consultant will consider how the seasons and direction of the sun, air flow and landscaping interact with your home and create a temperate year-round climate indoors and outside.

Where and how you use your home may also determine what kind of temperature control system suits your lifestyle. However, with rising temperatures and longer summers, the cost to cool a home using an air conditioning system is overtaking heating bills during the cooler months. That’s why most homes today feature cooling systems.

Choosing the Right Heating Solution

Selecting an electric reverse cycle air conditioner or under floor heating requires some planning and can be costly. For reverse cycle air, a compressor on the exterior of the home or in an adequate ceiling space needs to be identified and can even be distributed throughout the home via duct. Heated flooring can only be installed during the building of a home through wiring or water pipes incorporated into the concrete slab.
A wood fire or a gas log fire can also be an efficient means of heating a home. Wood fires are better suited to rural areas where firewood is plentiful, whilst gas log fires provide heat and a focal point of interest in a living room.

Gas ducted heating can be the most efficient means of heating a home and requires a furnace to be installed on the exterior of the home. Gas heating can be zoned and many systems can be set on timers to operate only when they’re required.

ActronAir design and manufacture systems that are uniquely suited to the Australian climate and the changing dynamics of the typical household. ActronAir systems can offer optimal energy efficiency as well as complete control over each room or zone within a residence.

Talk to a building and design consultant for more information about the heating and cooling options for your new home.