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5 tips on choosing the perfect tiles for your home

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Nayden Keft

Choosing the flooring for your brand new home can be a daunting experience, after all it’s the surface you and your family will use the most every day.

Our team of expert Interior Designers who are behind the beautiful interiors of our display homes have put together five tips to help you choose the best tiles for your brand new home.

Combined with the stunning range of tiles we have available in our MyChoice Design Studio plus the personalised advice from a MyChoice Design expert that you will receive during your Colour Selections experience, these tips will ensure your tiled areas will be both a functional and striking feature of your McDonald Jones home.

  1. Consider the dimensions of the rooms you would like to feature tiles in: whether it’s your living area, bathroom, ensuite, gourmet kitchen, entryway, laundry or powder room, choose a tile that matches the look you want to create in that space. For example, larger tiles add instant style and a sensation of space in your living areas, however, larger sized tiles can have the opposite effect in smaller spaces like your bathroom.
  2. Make sure the tile you choose comes in a range of sizes: tiles that are 600mm or larger look great in the living room, while smaller tiles that are around 300mm create a beautiful look and help with water drainage in your wet areas (bathrooms, ensuites, etc.). Create a seamless transition between spaces where your tiles meet (such as in the doorway between an entryway and a bathroom) by choosing the same tile in different sizes.
  3. Choose the finish of your new tiles carefully: use a matt or natural finish to create an earthy appeal in your new home or choose gloss tiles for a sheik, silky look. Remember, dust tends to show more on glossy tiles, however, if you are after that really luxurious shine throughout your new home a little extra cleaning might just be worth the effort.
  4. Select your feature tiles: feature tiles create a stunning aesthetic in any room and are a great way to create interest in your new home. If you include feature tiles in the floor or walls of your new home, make sure the surrounding tiles blend with the colour and pattern choices of your feature tiles.
  5. Enjoy the aesthetic of timber without the hassle: natural wood effect tiles are all the rage at the moment and offer a fantastic alternative to the real deal. Timber floor tiles are not only waterproof and much easier to keep clean, there is no fear of the cat, dog or even the kids scratching the floorboards. Our MyChoice Colour Studio is currently expanding our range of timber inspired tiles so that you can enjoy a range of options in your new home.

Make sure you check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration on your new home. From living areas to bedrooms, from outdoor settings to indoor entertaining havens, we’ve got plenty of ideas to get you started.

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