Penny’s Knock Down Re-build

1 February 2014

When Penny Hooper decided it was time to knockdown and rebuild her home of 12 years, McDonald Jones pre-build support process turned any concerns into reassurances.

Penny leads a busy life and during daytime hours often isn’t easily contactable, so working with a builder that had a thorough pre-build process made life easier for Penny.

“You don’t realise how much paperwork is required. With McDonald Jones I had Kayla as my Client Liaison Officer, and well… she was brilliant. Nothing was a problem and her professionalism, made it all happen so smoothly.

She even liaised with my demolishers, plus with the bank when it came to paperwork for finances and doing the submissions to council. They have these systems, check-lists in place and things just happen. It takes a lot of stress off your shoulders. I am busy with work and if I had to do all the nitty-gritty that they do so easily, it would’ve taken ages.”

Penny’s processing is underway, her site is clear and she’s looking forward to the construction phase. The McDonald Jones Pre-Build process is another part of making the journey to your new home easier. Make sure your builder has one, or chat to us about how to make your pre-build process a breeze.

Email us with any questions you may have  or contact a building and design consultant on 1300 555 382.