old couple sitting on a beach

Is now the time for an Investment Property?

19 October 2017

For over 30 years we have focused on building inspired and affordable homes for Australian families, people are our passion and it’s for this reason we exist.

Cluttered garage with toys and boxes scattered

Are you a Hoarder? You need a de-cluttering boot camp

12 October 2017

You don’t really have to be a hoarder to have more clutter than you can handle. Clutter is a huge problem in some homes, particularly where space and amounts of clutter don’t mix too well. It tends to accumulate when families grow, and inevitably, so does the clutter.

New Home Shopping Trip

Knowing When and Where to Shop for Your New Home

12 October 2017

When you’ve bought a new home, finding the exact home décor’ you’ve imagined for it can be a challenge. This problem can be expensive, too, but there are ways around the prices if you know where to look.

Creating the home you’ve always wanted

How to Make Your New House Feel like a Home

12 October 2017

A common criticism of new homes is perhaps predictable and yet extremely important. The criticism is that the new home doesn’t feel like a home. This may seem a bit more sentimental than practical but it’s a major issue for homebuyers, as well as homeowners.

Two similar mansions built into a sloping hill

Building on a High Slope versus a Low Slope

12 October 2017

A sloping site isn’t as much of a problem for building a home as all those urban myths would have you believe, but building on a slope comes with a few natural issues. The slope may be high, meaning you have to create a footing for the home on the slope.

A fire danger warning set to extreme with smoke in the distance

Building in Bushfire Prone Areas

12 October 2017

As much as all Australians love and respect our beautiful bushland, there’s no getting away from the fact that bushfires can be huge trouble for homeowners.


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