Meet the family

At McDonald Jones Homes we are lucky to have a team of more than 380 committed, passionate and hardworking staff who are focused on providing the best possible experience for our customers. We believe that what we do is about so much more than bricks and mortar, we have a significant role in helping families across Australia to realise their dreams.

With eight office locations throughout ACT, QLD and NSW and new display homes opening in brand new locations all the time, our team is expanding and becoming stronger as we strive to realise our mission and vision.

Despite our rapid growth, we have maintained our strong connection with family in everything we do.

Get to know us, inside and out

Meet some of the members of the McDonald Jones family and learn about why working with us has been the perfect fit for them, both in their professional career and personal life.

Where I Belong

Meet Matt Edwards - Operations Manager and beach lover


From Start to Finish

Meet Nathan Klein - Building and Design Consultant and soccer fanatic


Making a Difference

Meet Kathleen Brimble - Senior Production Estimator and boating enthusiast


Work Life Balance

Meet Wayne Simpson - Senior Senior Construction Supervisor and expert fisherman


Reach Your Goals

Meet Ehsan Hazrati

Meet Ehsan Hazrati - Purchasing Officer and race car enthusiast

Away from the thrills of being behind a wheel, Ehsan is a committed, motivated and friendly member of the McDonald Jones Homes team based in our Sydney office. Ehsan started with the company five years ago and, since that time, has grown in the role of Purchasing Officer.

“After many years of Production and Project Estimating, I decided it was time to take the next step in furthering my career in procurement.

“My Manager, Trevor Lapham, has been a great mentor throughout my time at McDonald Jones and has kept me focused and exposed to the challenges in procurement, allowing me to be at the forefront in my field in the marketplace. It’s thanks to hard work and the support of people like Trevor Lapham, Bill McDonald himself and our Building Manager David Campbell, that keep me one step ahead of our competition and able reach my set goals.”

As a Purchasing Officer, Ehsan holds a close relationship with the suppliers of our building materials, helping to negotiate and procure, monitor and manage material quality and discover new products that could further the overall quality of our homes.

“Every day I wake up looking forward to the challenges I am faced with in my department in relation to supplier and on-going market trends. For example, looking at different building products that could take us away from the conventional brickwork used on our homes.

“I love what I do and the relationships I have built with people. I look forward to progressing my career in procurement when the opportunity arises using the skills and experience that I have gained over the years at McDonald Jones.”

Opportunities for Growth

Meet Levi Hanlon

Meet Levi Hanlon - Client Liaison Officer and big family person

Levi’s career at McDonald Jones Homes has been all about honing in on new skills, growing and learning more about the business and the new home building sector.

A member of our South Coast family for around six years, Levi has taken every opportunity to learn about and move around the different departments of McDonald Jones so that she can both further her own career and strengthen her contribution to the company.

“My first ever full time job was at McDonald Jones in the Nowra Office as a Receptionist. I loved it because I was able to work closely with the rest of the team and build relationships with our customers when they came in for their appointments. I was also lucky to be able to help out our Sales team while doing my admin work, which was such a great experience.”

“After about a year and half working for the company, the Nowra office was relocated to Shellharbour and I followed them. A short time later I started taking on more and more Sales Assistant tasks and even started learning about the role of a Client Liaison Officer.

“You couldn’t imagine how happy I was when McDonald Jones offered me a promotion to a Client Liaison Cadet, an opportunity to gain real training and experience partnering with our customers through their building journey, and I am now a officially a Client Liaison Officer with my own customer’s dream homes to manage.”

As a Client Liaison Officer, Levi has had a pivotal role in the positive experience many families based in the South Coast have had in building one of our architecturally designed homes. From providing consistent information and updates on each unique build, to answering questions and progressing the build through the Plan Presentation and Contract Signing Appointment, Levi is integral to ensuring our customer’s experience is a pleasurable one.

“Knowing my clients are depending on me gets me out of bed each day as I would never like to let them down if I can help it. I love how every day working here is different and every day another challenge comes my way that I can solve. The tight-knit team here treat each other like family and work great together to get the best results, making my job even easier when it comes to assisting my clients to the best of my ability to build their dream home.

“Living with my family, partner and pooch, I like to have people around me that are supportive and inspire me, and it’s nice to know that I can go to work and experience the same sense of warmth and family with my colleagues every day.

“My career has only just begun, I can’t wait to see what the future holds at McDonald Jones.”

Lead and Inspire

Meet Sharon Hill

Meet Sharon Hill - Group Customer Service Manager and keen, international skier

After reaching a crossroad, Sharon knew that she was searching for something more fulfilling in both her personal and professional life.

“I started at McDonald Jones Homes when I reached a fork in the road for my future back in 2009. I was invited to come on-board, experience and learn about the Customer Service Department and to provide feedback. What I found, by working at McDonald Jones, was something much more meaningful than I ever expected; I found a job that I love by inspiring people that do everything they can for our customers every day and a business and product that I could be proud of.”

After starting out as a member of the team, Sharon has taken the opportunity to expand her skills and take on the challenging role of Customer Service Manager, overseeing the customer experience and leading our Client Liaison Officers across Sydney, South Coast, Hunter, North Coast, QLD and ACT regions.

“One of the best things about working for McDonald Jones is that your opinion matters. Since day one I have continued to look for new ways to improve the service that we provide to our customers and I’ve been able to have an influential role in bringing into place new processes that have helped us to be the best we can be in terms of providing an exceptional service to our customers.”

Since her early beginnings in the company, Sharon has helped implement a new face-to-face appointments process, a new guide for our customers that takes them through the 8 step building process, a regimented training program for new Client Liaison Officers and a resourceful, interactive and integral internal intranet.
Sharon has also played a key part in the start-up of other companies within the McDonald Jones Group through her business and customer service expertise and experience.

“I am proud of a lot of things that I have achieved since my arrival here, but mostly I am proud of the relationships I have made. I turn up to work every day because I know people are relying on me and because I am passionate about making sure that every person who chooses to trust us with their biggest investment will be assured that we care enough and will do the best that we can.

“I love working with the team at McDonald Jones because we are strong, committed, we get results, we are not content with being mediocre and we are full of energy. If someone is struggling we help out, we offer advice, and we act as a sounding board or a shoulder.

“As a Manager, I love what I do. Every day I get to share the passion for excellent customer service, to lead by example, to inspire, support and guide our people, to help them be the best they can be so they can in turn provide the best service to every one of our valued customers.”

Despite the commitment of leading a team located throughout our NSW, ACT and QLD offices, Sharon has been able to continue her passion of travelling and skiing around the world. Sharon often travels to Canada once a year for a ski holiday to enjoy some well-earned rest and recuperation, something that is encouraged at McDonald Jones Homes.

“I simply couldn’t ask for more in a job…”

Be Yourself

Meet Brett Chorley

Meet Brett Chorley - Service and Warranty Officer and antique collector

As a member of our Service and Warranty Team, Brett works closely with our customers every day to ensure their dream home is everything they could have ever imagined and more. Brett has the friendly and helpful demeanour plus has gained plenty of industry and local knowledge that allows him to provide our customers with an exceptional experience through the journey of building their new home.

“I joined the McDonald Jones Homes family six years ago now and in that time I have had the opportunity to progress in the company, learning several different roles. I started off as a Council Coordinator where I helped push our customer’s contracts through their local council before moving on to a Client Liaison Officer role and actually being the key contact throughout every key milestone that our customers experience in their building journey.

“McDonald Jones supported me when I expressed my interest in a position in the Service and Warranty team and, when a job became available, I made the move into a role that has given me an even better understanding of the building industry. I’ve been a Service and Warranty Officer for 19 months now.”

Brett became a part of the McDonald Jones Homes team after making the move to the coastal Newcastle region and has loved it ever since.

“Over the last six years I have found that the staff here are one big family and you are treated as an individual person rather than an employee number, which is sometimes not the case in other companies. I am able to come to work with stories about Jaxon, my Border Collie, and share the latest addition to my antique pottery collection that I discovered at a weekend market or garage sale.

“I look forward to coming to work because I know that every day will be different and that I’ll learn something new…and that no matter what I will always get to be myself.”