HIA Greensmart Regional Partner

Our designs don’t just look good; they feel good, inside and out.

This is partly due to the skills of our architects, including the internationally renowned Stuart Everitt, who works wonders with natural light and cross ventilation to help keep energy costs down and reduce a home’s environmental footprint. 

Not a new home is built these days without sustainability principles driving much of the design process and choice of building materials. McDonald Jones is committed to the HIA GreenSmart Code of Practice and is part of the GreenSmart Partners program. McDonald Jones sets the standard for others to follow, constructing most of its homes using Australian-made steel frames, every one manufactured especially for Australian conditions using world-leading Aussie knowhow and innovation.

Clean & green, straight & true

Around 40,000 trees are spared every year by McDonald Jones by using steel frames. By 2015, it is expected that 50% of homes in NSW will be built with steel frames. Our TRUECORE ® steel frames come with a 50-year structural warranty, giving our customers peace-of-mind without having to use harmful chemical treatments or pest-control measures. Our homes are and always will be 100% termite-proof and by using the patented Supaloc precision-engineered steel building system, we guarantee your home will stay straight and true.