Build for a Cure 2018 home design

Tips For Designing On A Corner Block

Build for a Cure 2018 home design

Imagine walking around a neighbourhood and seeing a house sitting on the corner block of land that hasn't been designed for the circumstances.

It's a normal house, designed to be flanked either side by other houses, at the end of the street. These buildings often look out of place. One of the street-facing walls will be a large, flat slab of brick that doesn't add any aesthetic value to the house. It's a missed opportunity for some windows and it can be an open invitation for graffiti.

At McDonald Jones Homes, we know that corner block properties should be specially designed for their location. That's why we have specific architectural designs that take advantage of special circumstances. Here are just a few of the important concepts we've learned about designing a house for a corner block.

Corner Blocks Have Multiple Fronts

Conventional suburban homes usually only have one point of access. With a corner block property, where two sides of the house are street facing, the opportunities for entrances to a home increase. There are more options for carports, driveways, and door placement.

The opportunity for multiple entrances can have great practical benefits. In our Huntingdale model, there's the option for having a home office section that opens onto a road-facing side. One side of the house can be for family-life, while the other side is more focused on your business.

A Corner Block Home Should Look Great From Any Angle

With a conventional home that only faces in one direction, you only need to consider the street-view of one angle.

With a corner block, the architect needs to be mindful of at least two different street-views.

Rather than just investing in a single façade, it's important that a corner block home looks great from all sides. That necessity presents more challenges for an architect, but our team have risen to that challenge with beautiful designs that look great from all sides (and the inside).

Browse our fantastic plans for corner block homes, like the Eaton.

A Special Corner Block Needs A Special Floor Plan

The unique location of a corner block allows for unique design options in a home. In our Cambridge design, the open access to a second road allows for a semi-private alfresco cabana that opens up between the master suite and the home theatre.

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Homes for Corner Blocks

Magnolia Facade - Cambridge - McDonald Jones


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Glebe Facade - Huntingdale Two Storey Home - McDonald Jones
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