Looking for land

Looking for Land for your new home?

Looking for land

If you have decided to build a new home instead of buying an existing home, you will need to secure a block of land before you go any further.

Mount View Estate

This rare and unique subdivision on the Mid North Coast enjoys mountain views and a picturesque semi-rural setting. This new land release, in Wingham, features a range of lot sizes ideal for you to build your dream home within a picturesque setting within convenient locations of parks and amenities.

Our house and land packages start from $467,700 so don’t hesitate to discover a new lifestyle.

McFarlanes Rise

The newest boutique community in the Hunter, filled with charm and ambience of a country lifestyle only minutes from the quaint village of Morpeth for exceptional convenience.

The community is designed with harmony and well-balanced space, perfect for architecturally designed homes with consideration of the locality and country landscape.

This new community will be a delight to live within, so we invite you to explore our range of house and land packages for you to discover.

4 key things to consider when looking for your block of land

1. Budget

It’s no surprise that budget is at the top of this list – you obviously need to know what you’ve got to spend. But this isn’t just about the land, it’s your total budget that you need to consider; the cost of building, the cost of land plus the fees and charges that go along with it. 

That’s why a McDonald Jones house and land package makes the process so much simpler as our packages are 100% Fixed Price, so no nasty surprises, filled with incredible inclusions. 

We even have conveyancing and lending teams in MyChoice Conveyancing and MyChoice Home Loans to assist you from start to finish.

2. Location

Once you know your budget you can then start your search… obviously there are leading websites that will help you, like realestate.com.au or domain.com.au, however we also recommend speaking with real estate agents in the location you are wanting to build in about land they know of as well as your local McDonald Jones Building and Design Consultant.

Our Building and Design Consultants work with all the local land developers and real estate agents to keep across all the land available and upcoming land releases. So, when you speak with our team you will get great local knowledge to help you in your search.

When considering locations be sure to consider proximity to schools, amenities, parks and motorways. It’s always best to review Council websites or local news sites for information on the locations you are considering or any planning announcements that have been made for the future.

3. Shape, Slope & Size

With land being in such short supply, the type of blocks available are changing, so you will need to understand the impacts of the shape, slope and size of your block and the home design considerations that are impacted by these factors.

In most estates the developer will prepare the land, which makes it easier to find a level block that also has all residential connections. However, it is the shape, slope and size of your block and the local planning rules and regulations that will greatly influence the design you can build and also any additional costs that may be involved with excavation or retaining walls etc.

A McDonald Jones Building and Design Consultant can use their experience and local planning knowledge to identify the best home designs for each block, which can save you many hours of research and consideration.

4. Easements & restrictions

In many estates the developer has a set of rules and restrictions for the estate and each block, so it is important to understand that each block and estate is different. 

Start by checking if there are any easements and the setback rules for the estate so you can identify the size of the home you can build by width and length. 

Our team can assist you with this information or select a McDonald Jones house and land package and you will not have to worry as our team have selected the best design for each block. There may be an opportunity to change designs in some cases, so speak with our team to find out the options for the packages you are interested in.

Fixed Price Tender To Keep Your Dream Alive

We know just how challenging finding your ideal block can be and then waiting for it to register can take more time that you expect or are told by the developer. 

So that’s why we now offer a FREE 20 month Fixed Price, so if you are waiting for your land to register or considering a knock down rebuild then this is the perfect time to start planning your dream home with us. This offer gives you peace of mind that you can secure your dream home today, with our history making $60,000 Cash Discount*.

Ask for your FREE quote today or follow this link to find out more about our 20 Month Fixed Price offer.