Kitchen | Bordeaux Urban

For Jane and Roman the Bordeaux instantly felt like home

Kitchen | Bordeaux Urban

When it came to finding the perfect home for Jane and her partner Roman, their search was all about discovering a floor plan that allowed them to live the way that they love. For Jane, a beautiful large kitchen with raised benches and lots of room for her to cook up a storm was crucial. For Roman, a man cave in the garage that allowed him to tinker and be creative on the weekends was a must.

After researching their options and tossing up between a prebuilt and a newly built home, Jane and Roman found our Bordeaux Two home and instantly knew the design was exactly what they were looking for.

“We first visited the McDonald Jones Twin Water Display Homes during a weekend away down at Greenwell Point. We liked what we saw and Roman, being a handyman, was very impressed with the workmanship and the quality of the material in the homes,” Jane said.

“We talked to the sales staff at each McDonald Jones display home we visited and they all said the same thing, that if we needed changes they would do it for us, including Roman’s man cave (bigger garage) and increasing the height of the kitchen benches.”

For Jane and Roman the Bordeaux Two had everything they wanted in a new home, perfectly fitting their block and leaving them with a generous sized back yard.

“When we first walked into the Bordeaux display home it just felt right, it was open, airy and beautiful. I fell in love with the kitchen, dining and family rooms as they flowed freely from one to the other.

“The kitchen had everything I could want in a kitchen, it was a good size for food preparation and offered a breakfast bar where someone could sit and chat with a glass of wine in hand while I’m cooking. It was also easy to carry food out to the alfresco area for a BBQ or just to enjoy a simple meal on a warm evening.”

Space was a big thing for Jane and Roman, who have an extra family member to consider when choosing their new home; their little Scottish Terrier, Radar.

“Even though Radar is a smallish breed of dog he takes up a lot of room. When I was looking at the Ensuite in the Master Bedroom I had to consider doing my makeup and how much floor Radar would need to be in there with me, as well as how easy it would be step around him in the kitchen.”

The couple have appreciated the assistance of the McDonald Jones team, who have contacted them on a regular basis to keep them in the loop, and they have now commenced the build of their new home.

“This home is the home we intend to live in for the rest of our lives, so we wanted something that would be easy to maintain and access, and the Bordeaux Two with the Grange Facade ticks all the right boxes.”

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