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2017 Favourite Designs and Displays

favourite designs

What a year 2017 has been! We may be 30 years old, but we’ve continued to stay young and fresh with an abundance of new designs and display home openings.

During 2017, we opened up and refreshed the look of our display homes at 9 different locations across Eastern Australia. That’s 21 new display homes that have enjoyed the meandering and exploring of excited young couples, families from all walks of life and retirees ready to find their final dream home.

Almost all of our collections have been showcased in one location or another, including the Aristocrat and the newly opened Seaview from the Stuart Everitt Portfolio, the Acreage Esperance, and the Portsea and Havana from the NextGen Collection.

We have even unveiled our first Granny Flat display, standing by the side of the St Clair from the Two Storey Range, another popular collection from 2017 that claimed spots at Denman Prospect with the Avondale.

We’ve also released over 20 brand new floor plans for you to lay your eyes on and dream about, designed for a variety of ages, types of families, budgets and blocks of land.

The Portofino quickly became a clear favourite of 2017, joining the NextGen Collection not long after the Coolum, on display at Calderwood, and the Metala.

The affordable GenOne Range was also shaken up with 8 fresh designs, including the Eaton – a home design which is now considered more affordable than ever by our lucky third winners of our 30 year birthday give away.

Challenging the cup for most new designs, the Two Storey Range saw the addition of 7 functional and family-friendly designs, featuring the Metropolitan and Saxonvale, which are already on display at Warnervale and Box Hill respectively.

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