Winter Inspirational Winner

17 August 2017
Our winter decor competition winner

Our Winter Campaign winner was Monica, who shared her ‘Lazy mornings, gentle sun, finding the perfect spot to be home’, winter inspiration image that featured her sunlit lounge room that boasted hints of the colour trends of the moment; pinks and greys.

There were a range of images shared from winter wonderlands to relaxing bathrooms that showcased current colour trends and indoor picnics to snug fires, a great way to relax and hibernate inside during the colder winter months. Winter warmth was really the feature throughout all of the images.

You can view the winter inspiration images on our Pinterest page to keep the inspiration alive.

Looking for more inspiration? Read on for more styling tips:

1. Find your hero piece and buy the best quality that you can afford. This piece will be your feature for seasons to come and can completely transform a room.

2. Thinking vintage? Well-chosen vintage pieces from op shops or garage sales can provide your room with a unique style – replacing the cookie cutter look and making the room your space.

3. Try to stay local and be inspired by your surrounds, this will provide a relevant and classic feel. Australian design is world class and worth celebrating from natural Tasmanian Oak to New South Wales and ACT Sandstone, take a stroll around your local area to see what inspires you.

4. When colour shopping, you’ll probably hear about “warm” and “cool” tones. Warm colours are traditionally colours like yellow, orange, red and pink, and cool tones are more like blue, green and aqua (but this can get muddled as there are cool pinks and warm greens!). Neutrals, too, can be cool and warm.

5. What kind of palette are you looking for: colours that “go together” or colours that clash a little? When you want colours that “go together”, you’re looking for analogous colours – ones that sit beside each other on the colour wheel (like white and beige). When you’re after colours that will pop against each other, these are called complementary colours. Think red and green, blue and yellow.

6. The golden ratio of colour schemes, the 60-30-10 rule is about choosing three colours and thinking about how you’ll use them. Break down the room this way: 60 per cent of the colour in the room comes from the walls, 30 per cent from secondary colours found in rugs and upholstery, and 10 per cent from accent colours (vases, lamps etc).

7. What kind of lighting do you have? Big windows? Downlights? Multiple lamps? How much light you have – and where it comes from – will also help you set the mood and colour play.