What Does the Style of Your Home Say About You?

12 October 2017
Creative home design graphic in a man’s hands

It’s an interesting fact that people’s homes are a great reflection of themselves. This isn’t a recent observation but with the huge boom in new home designs, style and character are very much subjects for analysis and discussion.

There are various theories about what style says about homeowners. Some people even suggest that your home style reflects your political and social views.

You may not agree with some of these ideas but from a psychological standpoint, they’re very interesting:

• Conservative: Brightly lit, super-neat and with lots of traditional décor.

• Liberal: Not as neat but with more books, media and esoteric items like souvenirs from overseas.

• Extrovert: Bright colours, large spaces and open plan layouts

• Introvert: Darker, less exuberant colours and tones, more traditional interiors.

• Laid back/relaxed: This is a type of chic, not obsessively fashionable, usually relates to people with a strong sense of personal style with which they’re comfortable.

As you can see, this is a pretty broad brush for defining personal character. Appearances are hardly the instant checklist for most homes. A person with a nice, clean, tidy home may simply like their home to look good. That doesn’t mean they necessarily love cleaning and tidying up.

What’s not in question about what your home says about you is this:

  • The home you make is made for yourself, not necessarily for other people’s opinions.
  • You don’t make your home under oath to follow the trends in some lifestyle magazine. You may like the newest, modern look and all the latest styles but you also still enjoy traditional home values.
  • Personal values are naturally reflected in a home; it’s just that other people don’t understand those values or misinterpret them at times.
  • Making your home look good means making it look the way you want it to look.
  • Your home can be your own luxury mansion of personal tastes and comforts.

Modern Homes and Personal Style

One area where homeowners and designers are in total agreement is that your home must be a wonderful place where you feel at home. When you’re looking at buying a new home, you’re looking for personal space in which to build a true home.

When buying a home, you don’t have to compromise at all on personal style. Choose a home design that reflects the environment you call home. It should be a place where you’re instantly at ease, enjoying a happy place where you can live your life and enjoy it.

If you’re looking for a home now, consider your preferences and stick to them. Which home is the one that welcomes you? Which design is the one where you’d love to just relax and have fun? Which home says, “This is where you want to live”? That’s the home that’s right for you.

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