Throw a Barbie after Purchasing your Home!

9 March 2017
Themes for your Next Barbecue

So, you’ve bought or built a new home that seriously reflects your lifestyle and future plans. You’ve moved in, put some paintings on the wall and have started to really make this place feel like home. It’s time to show off. What better way to throw a house warming party than by putting on a barbie for your friends and family?

If you really want to make a statement, here are some great food and drink themes and ideas that are sure to impress your guests.

All-American Theme

On the All-American menu, we have a few of the classics. Hot dogs (with buns!), cheeseburgers, chicken wings, potato salad and corn bread are just a few staples. To add to the theme, buy a blow-up kid's pool and fill it with ice. You can use this to keep cold food at the right temperature or even fill it up with some American beer, like Budweiser (if your guests can stomach it!).

Asian-Inspired Menu

Why not take your taste buds on a trip somewhere a little more exotic with an Asian-inspired menu? Get some skewers and pass around Thai beef satay and coconut-marinated lemongrass chicken. Grill up some Korean-style or curried chicken wings, and bring it all together with some Five-Spice red cabbage salad, seaweed salad or Red Chilli fried rice. Make your own sushi for guests to nibble on.

Stock up with Asian beers like Tsing Tao or Tiger and whip up some inspired cocktails with mango, lychee or even sake. To complete the theme, decorate your backyard with Chinese lanterns, takeaway boxes and chopsticks.

Hawaiian Style Luau

Greet your guests with flowery leis and welcome them to your luau. The main product on the menu is roasted pork on a spit (complete with an apple in mouth). Make sure you give it a sweet, pineapple glaze. Other ideas for a luau-themed barbie are coconut shrimp skewers, papaya and avocado salad, and SPAM and pineapple toasties.

To give it a really tropical theme, serve drinks out of coconuts and pineapples. Anything with Kahlua can be Hawaiian, so try mixing 1 part Kahlua and 1 part vodka with a dash of vanilla ice cream and half a banana.

Remember, no matter what theme you choose for your ripper barbie, to drink responsibly.

Design and Entertainment Ideas

If you’re throwing a large barbeque, you’re going to want to dress your backyard up to impress. One key concern is making sure there is enough seating for mingling and for eating. Get a nice dining room table that can accommodate all diners or decide on something more casual and provide different seating areas. One rustic option is to lay down blankets and cushions on the grass. Another way to entertain guests is to provide games like giant scrabble, backyard cricket, backgammon or makeshift lawn bowls.

Backyard barbeques can also really turn it up a notch with thoughtful lighting. Hang fairy lights or Chinese lanterns around your yard or put up tiki torches and a fire pit.

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