Sponsoring the legacy of Victor Chang

28 November 2017
Victor Chang Junior Researcher

McDonald Jones look out for future generations by doing more than just building safe and comfortable homes for parents to share with children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

In 2016, the MJH Charitable Foundation launched a three-year scholarship scheme to assist two PhD students complete their thesis and practical work at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

These scholarships attracted strong competition, with candidates applying both locally and internationally. The selected candidates excelled in their previous studies, including one graduate from the University of New South Wales and the other from Sun Yet-sen University, China. 

With cardiovascular disease claiming the life of 1 person from the Australian community every 12 minutes, these young scientists are maintaining the legacy of legendary heart transplant surgeon, Dr Victor Chang, through research into the prevention and treatment of heart attacks.

One of the McDonald Jones Homes Foundation scholars was exceptionally thankful to the Foundation for ensuring he can devote 100% of his attention towards preventing the causes of cardiovascular disease.

“I am thrilled to have this opportunity to act as a young ambassador for the McDonald Jones Homes Foundation and look forward to engaging more people throughout the wider community in how to prevent and treat heart disease,” he added.

Heart disease and strokes can affect anyone irrespective of age or gender, making it even more crucial for the MJH Charitable Foundation to work with the Victor Chang Institute to create a brighter future and help the wider community.

Learn more about the Victor Chang Institute and how you can help here.