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Knowing When and Where to Shop for Your New Home

12 October 2017
New Home Shopping Trip

When you’ve bought a new home, finding the exact home décor’ you’ve imagined for it can be a challenge. This problem can be expensive, too, but there are ways around the prices if you know where to look. We’re going to give you a few tips about saving money and finding the fabulous new stuff you want for your home.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Prices can be increasingly high, particularly for good-quality, new furniture. It’s best to keep your money in your pocket until you see a good opportunity to buy. Saving money has a lot to do with when and where you spend it. Looking for and securing the best deals will leave you happier and better off.

  • Consider the ‘When’ issues:

Don’t just charge out and buy whatever’s available.  You can find yourself paying a lot more if you don’t take advantage of sales, discounts and the odd clearance in warehouse sales. Be patient. Look for good deals and good prices.

  • ‘Where’ issues are equally important:

Where you buy is a major consideration. Top outlets are often able to give better deals during clearances, for example. They also give bigger markdowns and the quality of goods is usually higher than the discount stores.

To protect your bottom line, your purchase must be:

  1. Within a viable price range. Stick to your budget! You don’t have to pay top dollar for anything if you’re prepared to hunt down a better deal.
  2. Selective buying is better for your budget. Pick and choose. Don’t get distracted by all the hype that goes with new releases of furniture, which are released at premium prices.

Matching Your Purchases to Your New Home

Savvy buyers tend to be highly sales-resistant until they see good value:

  • Buy progressively, not all at the same time. You can afford to wait for a good deal. You can get top-quality, new furniture online with great discounts; simply wait to buy when the prices are within budget.
  • You can buy anything from a bedroom suite to a pool table by careful checking and research. You don’t have to spend a cent more than you want to spend on anything. Check out and compare prices online, through sites like True Local and Gumtree, and compare them with retail sites. Notice how easy it is to find anything? Plus, there is a great bandwidth of prices!

Trying to Find a Gorgeous New Home at a Great Price?

McDonald Jones offers a complete range of architecturally designed homes in New South Wales and the ACT.  See our beautiful new home designs and explore our exciting packages here. Our homes are budget-friendly, practical choices for those who want great value and fantastic deals.

You can build on your own land or find one of our great house and land packages. Choose when to buy and where to buy with us. Give us a call, or chat with us online for all the help and guidance you need. Remember, you can always come and visit our display homes for inspiration.