How to Make Your New House Feel like a Home

12 October 2017
Creating the feel of a real home

A common criticism of new homes is perhaps predictable and yet extremely important. The criticism is that the new home doesn’t feel like a home. This may seem a bit more sentimental than practical but it’s a major issue for homebuyers, as well as homeowners.

The fact is that the “feel” of a home is a real issue. If you’ve been searching the property market anywhere in Australia for the last few years, you’ll know exactly what that means.

“Homebuyer fatigue” is based on taking years of looking at homes to purchase. New homes don’t feel like traditional homes. They are very different. The theory is that the more you want your own home, the higher your expectations become. This also applies when you buy a new home and you want it to become your real home, the home you’ve always wanted.

Creating the Feel of a Real Home

Let’s define the issues. The feel of a real home is characterised by:

  • House design and exterior: Many people are more comfortable with a new home which resembles the style of their family home. This is the definitive feel of a home, the look of a home.
  • Interior: Some people don’t like modern surfaces like metal and laminates. They may be fashionable but sometimes, they don’t feel right. They prefer wood or other more “homey” features.
  • Block size: This is a tough one for Australians, who are more used to having green space around their homes. A good size block is also a great idea for young families who really need the space.

Now the good news: If you’re buying a home, you can design your own home, exactly how you want, with a bit of help from your home designers.

This is how you do it:

1. Get a new designer home, and have the designers install all of those beautiful home features you want. You’ll be astonished at the sheer range of features you can get in a new home these days. They can also offer you a range of home design styles for that real home look and feel.
2. Have a clear idea of your wish list. With a crystal clear image in your mind, you can start shopping for certain decorative pieces or creating the garden of your dreams. Carefully planning your home will remove the confusing feeling that comes with starting from scratch.
3. If you need a good block size, check out home and land packages. There are some truly excellent options available on the market now, so see what’s possible.

Talking to our Building and Design Consultants and Interior Designers

The great thing about talking to our building and design consultants is that you’ll get a lot of support and understanding. When you talk about your ideas for a new home with those wonderful homey features, they’ll get the message and help you to explore your ideas and evaluate your choices of design features.

Don’t be too surprised if you also get a lot of practical help with your ideas. Our Interior Designers love to work with palettes that create a fabulous character for homes. They can help with choices of materials, too, so you get that authentic, family home environment with everything you’ve always wanted.

Want Some Help with Designing Your Fabulous New Home?

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