A Home Gym for your New Home

11 March 2017
A Home Gym for your New Home

More homeowners are deciding to buy new homes because it gives them the chance to personalise their property. Some people like the idea of a Home Theatre while some people prefer a Home Office, while others decide to incorporate a home gym. Keeping fit is becoming more important in today’s society and having a gym in your home is a great way to help you work on your health and fitness.

Before we go into the different designs, there are a few things that you’ll want to incorporate into any gym, including:

  • Mirrored walls (so you can watch your form!)
  • TV or entertainment system
  • A heating/cooling system
  • Mats for stretching
  • Access to water

Here are our top four gym design essentials you can incorporate in your home.

For the Fitness Freak

If you’re a fitness freak, you’re likely to spend as much time on weights as you do on cardio. For this reason, it’s important to give yourself a basic gym fit out. You’ll want to have at least one cardio machine (such as a treadmill or stationary bike), freestanding weights, a weight bench and an exercise ball. This will give you plenty of options for changing up your routine.

For Weights and Resistance

If you love lifting, you’re going to want your home gym to reflect that. Get three to five sets of dumbbells in a range of weights to accommodate different workouts. Kettle bells are great for gaining strength. A pull-up bar in the doorway is essential, and pylo-boxes to jump on are great for building explosive power and speed. A medicine ball will see to your core, but no gym is complete without a barbell.

For the Boxer

If you’re the type who enjoys building up endurance with three-minute rounds, work the body with a boxing-inspired home gym. Arm yourself with a timer that is set to run at three-minute rounds with 30-second intervals, this will provide structure to your workouts. Use of a jump rope for cardio, endurance and coordination is key. Of course, you’ll need a punching bag where you can direct all of that strength. Tear drop speed bags or double-end striking bags will help you switch up your moves. Don’t forget gloves, wraps and pads!

Namaste at Home

For those who like to achieve physical prowess in more relaxed ways, a yoga or Pilates style gym is just the thing.  Aside from a really good yoga mat and a few towels, you might want to consider some foam blocks, foam rollers and yoga straps. If you’re more into Pilates, you’ve got to get the Magic Circle to help with controlled resistance.

Before you build a home gym you need to design and build your new home. For more information about custom designing and building a home or to get a quote from expert home builders, get in touch with McDonald Jones Homes today!