Driveways and Concreting – the Facts

10 March 2017
Top Facts about Driveways & Concreting

Most people don't know that driveways and concreting can become very expensive very quickly. Even a relatively small area can suddenly turn into an expensive proposition, depending on site issues, and in some cases, the team you get to do your concreting for you.

For new homeowners, especially those building modern homes, it's important to be wary and thoughtful when it comes to your driveway and concreting options.

Here are a few considerations.


  • What size areas are involved? Do you actually need a big driveway or are there better and cheaper alternatives? Bear in mind that simply changing the driveway plan to a shorter route can save you a lot of money. For smaller areas, there are many alternatives to concreting that you can consider.
  • Does your site have possible issues with drainage, clay, or sandy soils? If so, your driveway needs to be built to deal with these issues. This involves proper bedding, proper drainage measures, and in some cases, steel reinforcement.
  • Is your home on a slope? If so, most of the actual building issues of your driveway will be related to supporting the structure and keeping it structurally stable. Talk to a builder before making a commitment.


  • Large concrete spaces: Although they do have very practical uses, big concrete spaces can be extremely expensive. In many cases, large concrete areas may not be the best use of money or space. It is strongly recommended to speak to a builder and/or landscaper before committing to this sort of expenditure.
  • Cost: When looking at any kind of concreting job, get quotes. Consult with a qualified third party, like a builder or landscaper and check the contract for specifications and other quality protection assurances. If the job requires steel reinforcement or other works like drainage, these requirements should be specified in the contract document. There should also be warranty protection.

A Better Option – Get Your Driveway and Concreting Done by Your Home Builder

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