Designer Homes – What Are They and How Can I Get One?

9 March 2017
Own a Designer Home

A designer home is customised down to the finest detail. It may be designed by an architect, and may be built using new CAD and CAD-related software available from leading home builders.

Examples of Designer Homes

The rise of custom-designed homes in recent years has drastically changed the range of choices available to new home buyers and builders.

For example, you can select a large home design like the market leading Tallavera and customise inside and out. You can even change the facade of this huge home and customise every feature according to your tastes.

The same applies to smaller homes like the Tulloch, an elegant modern design that can be customised inside and out according to your preferences.

Even more traditional designs like a single-storey suburban home can be completely designed using just a standard template. The San Marino, for example, is a spacious one-storey home. With custom-designed features, you can turn it into a fully personalised property at the planning stage.

If you're looking for a larger single-storey home, the Hermitage is a truly spacious home. You can use the same custom design options to create your dream home straight off the plans.

The Advantages of Designer Homes

Designer homes have one huge advantage over "cookie-cutter" design. The degree of customisation involved in these increases their appeal, their long-term value, and their liveability for homeowners.

Every home is built with certain aspects and aspirations in mind, but basic properties typically lack a lock of the lifestyle features and important design touches that only customisation can achieve.

The ability to customise also means the ability to deal with real lifestyle needs. Every room in your new designer home can be customised to deliver exactly the features you need. The cost is built in and you won't have to spend more money "fixing" the usual design issues that come with most properties.

From a purely bottom-line perspective, customisation also means locking in upfront costs when building a new home. This can save you plenty of money before you even walk in the door.

If you're looking at designer homes, don't be scared off by the name. Prices are usually quite reasonable and, generally speaking, their costs have decreased in recent years. Thanks to CAD technology, better building materials, and better building techniques, you can now build a designer home at a price you can afford.

Invest in Designer Living

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