Scott Cam - Building with steel frames | McDonald Jones Homes

We catch up with everyone's favourite tradie - Scotty Cam

1 October 2013

While most people know Scott from his work on The Block, he is a tireless worker and goes straight into other building projects. Since partnering with McDonald Jones he’s taken to the strength and ease of steel frames for his new property at Mudgee. 

Q: After finishing The Block Sky High, what have you been working on?

SC: Since The Block, there’s been a fair bit of work on. On top of the corporate jobs, I’ve been building a family home at Mudgee.

Q: Is there anything you’ve changed about the home since partnering with McDonald Jones?

SC: For sure, the steel frames have been the big one. I’d never worked with steel frames before. They’re so easy to work with, some mates and I had the bedroom walls up and together in a few hours. They’re dead straight. Like lots of parts of Australia, we do have a termite problem up here because of the rich soils, so it’s a smart decision.
The steel is lighter than a wooden frame too and that brings lots of benefits without affecting strength or integrity.

Q: You know a lot of builders, why partner with McDonald Jones?

SC: Yeah, good question. Bill McDonald is a passionate builder and he’s got it right. He doesn’t take things for granted and I’ve personally seen the lengths he goes to, to find the best products. On his travels he discovered new silicon for tiling, he is constantly looking to improve the way things are done. His teams see that and they follow suit, he understands the value of attention to detail.

Q: You feel he’s got the mix right?

SC: Absolutely. They’ve got specialist tradies amongst their crew that do specific tasks. That’s good for the homeowner because they get guys who really know their stuff. You see that in the end result. At heart he’s a family man and you sense that in the McDonald Jones team. They work together and the results speak for themself.

Q: They’ve got good runs on the board?

SC: They’ve grown for all the right reasons. They’re in for the long haul, which is about quality. That’s what attracted me to McDonald Jones. They’re well established, backed by an amazing team. That’s gotta be comfort for any home buyer.

Q: Would Scott Cam ever bring out a range of home designs (like celebrities bring out perfume?)

SC: (chuckling) Like John Laws in the 80’s with The Caroline and The Princess for another mob… (laughing out loud) we’ll have to chat with McDonald Jones about that one…