A Career in Homebuilding

18 May 2017
A Career in Homebuilding

Joining the construction industry is an exciting career step and one that can offer lifelong rewards. Homebuilders enjoy a dynamic environment, team camaraderie, financial reward, job security and an outdoor work environment. These are just some of the things that keep homebuilding at the top of the list of sought after careers. If you are considering a career in homebuilding, here are some great reasons to go ahead.

1. The Construction Industry Is Thriving 

Whether you are changing careers or just starting out, you will want to know you are entering a profession that can offer job security. The building industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Affordable housing is a key issue in this country and homebuilding teams such as McDonald Jones are hard at work.

2. Varied Working Environment

If you prefer to be out of the office, the building industry is the kind of workplace you can move around in. Builders start early, getting the best of the morning. They work outdoors, indoors and in between on errands. Once a project is complete, your work site changes and you start afresh. The nature of the work provides plenty of variety and physical activity, keeping you fit and focused.

3. Job Satisfaction

There is a unique sense of accomplishment that comes with a career in construction; understanding how things fit together, working in tandem with a team of industrious tradespersons, and seeing the project complete. Creating a quality home that will stay standing for many years is both rewarding and motivating, and it keeps the momentum in your career.

4. Solid Vocational Pathways

Many professions these days have misleading vocational pathways and this is a reflection of changes in the workforce over the last few decades. It can sometimes seem unclear if you are getting the qualification you really need and what will be waiting for you at the end of it.

The building industry continues to follow a conventional pathway with a clear outcome. Joining a team of homebuilders will ensure you are taken care of and given guidance and support throughout the early years of your career. This is a valuable career inclusion, enabling you to become the best you can be in your field.

5. Financial Reward

As much as you may love your work, it's nice to know that at the end of the day you are rewarded financially as well. Construction workers earn a healthy wage, with a range of opportunities for career development, and hard work is always rewarded.

6. Transferrable Skills

One of the benefits of this skill set is being able to apply it to your own home. This is both personally and financially rewarding, saving you from having to outsource home repairs. You will also build a network of trustworthy professionals to call on when you need them.

7. Personal Growth

The skills, technical insight and diligence applied in the construction industry boost self-confidence and foster patience, adaptability and tenacity. Understanding how things work, innovative problem solving, and creating something of use in the world are all powerful experiences, leaving you feeling good about what you do every day.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and we can talk through the opportunities available so you can get started on your new career with McDonald Jones Homes.