Property Hot Spots, Boom Areas, House & Land Packages

3 October 2013

Every region booms and slows at different times. Knowing what’s hot and what is slowing is a key part of buying a home. When preparing your budget the benefits of house and land packages can offer piece of mind when preparing your finances. McDonald Jones self-confessed “property nerd”, Shane Bennett, offers some insights….

There’s certainly some boom areas happening right now. The growth corridors of Sydney’s Southwest and Northwest are certainly hotspots, with South West Sydney growing hotter and hotter. These are definitely the boom areas and there is a lot of interest at the moment.

The Illawarra, south of Sydney, has also continued to grow despite the restriction in land supply from its own geography. Meanwhile other areas continue to grow at expected rates.

House and Land Packages have certainly continued to grow in popularity. Largely because of the inherent simplicity and peace-of-mind this offers people when buying their home, which makes sense since a home is usually the largest investment people will make.

Buyers can get an “end figure” immediately for the combined price of building their new home on the land they want.

Likewise McDonald Jones create images to show full facade and orientation of the home on the land, so you can get a picture of your future home on your land before you start building.

This removes surprises and most importantly, gives you the power to change facades and even floor plans before the cost of construction begins. That’s just part of our service.

There’s House and Land Packages where you can buy land, then work out what home you’d like. Or complete turnkey packages with the house and land together, so you only need one deposit and you’re on your way.

Being able to tailor a house plan to better suit your individual needs is a great part of what McDonald Jones does best; finding solutions.

As you look you to secure your home we recommend that buyers undertake research on their preferred builder. Your home is such a big investment, you want to ensure they are backed with financial stability and quality service. There’s nothing wrong with asking to speak with the directors or senior management to ensure you feel comfortable.

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