Bill has been building homes for over a quarter of a century - we find out why he started

2 October 2013

When Bill McDonald started his carpentry apprenticeship, he was hoping to build a property on a farm with his father. However, when his dad was taken by lung cancer, Bill’s life took another turn and the foundations of McDonald Jones began…

From the completion of his first customer’s home until now, Bill has always loved the feeling of handing over the keys. “It’s something you don’t forget, the joy of seeing a young couple’s face, standing in their new home. When they hold their home keys for the first time. We’re lucky to be part of that.”

Family has been at the heart of McDonald Jones since the beginning. “I believe you treat staff and customers as you want to be treated. It’s about honesty, working together and you know, as in any relationship, it’s the little things that can make a big difference.”

“Honesty, integrity and respect don’t cost anything, but you get a priceless return. There’s people here who have been with us since we began. That speaks a lot to me.” Bill says this legacy is part of their employment criteria, to see if people fit the McDonald Jones family.

“That’s just part of our solution focus. It’s created our reputation for exceptional customer service. We’re all about solving problems, to make each step of the journey enjoyable for the customer.”

“We’ve grown to 250 staff, and I know the name of everyone in the team.” Bill adds. “We’ve created so many family homes and we can be proud of expanding into new markets and offering our customer service to new regions. As long as we keep building to the quality we’re known for and the customers keep enjoying the journey, then the McDonald Jones family will continue to grow in strength.”

… and if you’re wondering, Bill did see out his father’s dream and he lives on his acreage with alpacas, cockatoos, geese and a home built by his McDonald Jones family.