Alarm Systems for Your Home

10 March 2017
Choosing the Right Alarm System

A good alarm system is an excellent security measure for any home. Modern alarm systems are easy to install, very efficient, and surprisingly cheap.

That said, there are a few serious considerations when choosing your home alarm system:

Stick to top brands: Any security expert will tell you that you need reliability and quality above all else.

Avoid so-called bargains: There is a risk of buying cheap and outdated models in this market. You need a system which is upgradable and won't be obsolete in the next 5 minutes.

Monitoring capabilities: Monitoring is a standard feature of many new alarm systems. If you have a security firm working on your home security, ask them for advice about the monitoring needs of your property.

Cost: You shouldn’t have any problem finding a modern, fully equipped alarm system from a leading brand at a reasonable price. To ensure you get the best deal, shop around and compare prices and features before making a decision.

Leading Security Alarm Systems

  • Bosch: This very well-known benchmark brand includes a complete range of home security alarm features, including surveillance, fire alarms, and intruder alarm systems.
  • ADT Security: This company provides straightforward, easy-to-use digital technology and home security monitoring. Includes CCTV and remote access features.
  • SECUREPRO Security: This is a leading online retailer, with a range of up-to-date systems and security features like remote access and SMS notifications. Current systems include an Ethernet that which can easily be connected to your router.
  • Chubb Home Security: One of the best-known security brands in Australia, Chubb is a true market leader. They have the latest technologies and they are a useful resource to compare prices and product features.

Choosing Your Home Alarm System

The core issues with choosing a home alarm system are:

  • Up-to-date technology: Like any electronic system, alarms need to feature current generation technology. Some security systems on the market are now far below market standard. These systems will also need replacing in one or two years, making them an expensive, short-term option.
  • Quality: The importance of system reliability cannot be overstated. Inferior quality systems invariably break down and the cost of repairs really can't be justified.
  • Suitability for your home: Think about the size and style of your home when installing alarms and other security features. If you have a large modern home you will need a suitable system that covers all access points. For larger homes, in particular, it's best to avoid DIY products.
  • Integration with external monitoring and home security: It’s best to be guided by your home security experts regarding these issues.  Again, it’s usually the cheaper systems that need to be upgraded to match the technology of modern security services.

Build a Secure Home for Your Family

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