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5 Popular Kitchen Design Elements

9 March 2017
Modern Kitchen Design Features

Choosing the design elements for your brand new kitchen will be some of the most fun you have designing your new home. Modern kitchen design features are impressive and extensive, letting you choose all those features that you’ve always wanted.

Below we are going to give you a quick overview of the latest kitchen design features that you should consider for your new home.

Island Benches

As a standard feature of most modern kitchens, island benches are both extremely functional and very practical. Coupled with an eye-catching design, these benches become one feature that you simply can’t ignore. Island benches free up a lot of space in the kitchen and are perfect for modern home designs where you have integrated kitchen and dining areas.

Kitchen Bars

Kitchen bars are great feature of the most active room in the house. They are very practical for breakfast, snacks and other meals, bringing extra convenience to your kitchen. Most modern homes feature a kitchen bar, but there are many different variations in style. Choose a building material that matches the interior look of your home for a truly impressive finish.

Butler’s Pantry

A Butler’s Pantry can deliver excellent space, convenience, and above all, practical values for a busy kitchen. These are the "Walk-In Robes" of kitchens, and they are equally valuable. You can organise everything in the Butler’s Pantry, including the crockery, cutlery, and common kitchen features. They are space-savers and well worth considering for any kitchen design.


With modern kitchens, you have a vast choice of lighting options, including efficient LED lighting, pendant lighting, decor lighting, and under-cabinet lighting. Kitchen lighting delivers a wide range of practical solutions, from overhead task lighting for cooking and cleaning to lighting for your cupboards to make finding the good crockery a breeze.

In terms of decor, prepare to be astonished at the sheer scope of different lighting options. You can have everything from baby spotlights to automatic lights and dedicated decor lighting in the very latest styles.

Sliding Pantry

A sliding pantry is a fantastic way to use kitchen space and it can be built into almost any kitchen. If you need extra space or you want a simple storage solution, a sliding pantry is an ideal option. The save space and add space at the same time!

Overall Kitchen Design Considerations

You can customise a new kitchen to suit your needs, your available space, and your personal preferences. Talk to your home builder about your kitchen design needs and have fun choosing the features that complement your home.

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