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McDonald Jones Visualise App

We have some exciting news to share with you!

Now you can hold your new home literally in the palm of your hand.

McDonald Jones Visualise App transports you into a collection of our home designs, allowing for a real-world immersive and interactive experience that you can enjoy from anywhere, right from your smartphone or tablet.

Explore our designs like you never have before, bring floor plans to life and experience the natural flow which seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor spaces with the heart of the home.

MJH Visualise Mixed Reality App offers a realistic and easy to use way to view full 3D renders of new designs, facade options and a gallery of inspired interiors.

visualise 3D render

There is nothing like experiencing a new home full of clever spaces which can be bought to life to enhance the way you live, and now with the virtual keys you can unlock the door to consider the possibilities.

If you love what you see and want to experience more, we've even included maps to our nearest display homes so you can drop in for walkthrough to truly appreciate our inspired architectural designs.

The new MJH Visualise App complements our hugely popular 3D Walkthroughs, so if you can't make it to one of our display homes you can experience our new homes from the comfort of your home, whenever you like.

We're sure you'll love using the new MJH Visualise Mixed Reality App.

Designs to explore include:

  • Castleton 34 (2S Two Storey)
  • Broadbeach 16 (NextGen)
  • Seaview 16 (Stuart Everitt)
  • Barossa 38 (2S Two Storey)
  • Garden Retreat (NextGen)
  • Monaco One (Stuart Everitt)
  • Monte Carlo Executive (Stuart Everitt)
  • San Marino Executive 16 (NextGen)
  • Tulloch 31 (2S Two Storey)
  • Tallavera 45 (2S Two Storey)
  • Hermitage Grande (Country Living Collection)
  • Havana One Elite (NextGen)
  • Santorini Manor (NextGen)
  • Esperance (County Living Collection)
  • Bridgetown 38 (2S Two Storey)
  • Stoneleigh (NextGen)
  • Miami 16 (Stuart Everitt)
  • Portsea One (NextGen)
  • Edenvale 37 (2S Two Storey)
  • Essington Elite (NextGen)
  • Milano Four 16 (NextGen)
  • Huntingdale (2S Two Storey)
  • Santa Fe One (NextGen)
  • Seaside Retreat 16 (Stuart Everitt)
  • Massena One (2S Two Storey)
  • Amalfi 23 (2S Two Storey)

Look out for even more designs coming soon.

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Don't have a brochure?

Visualise floor plan 3D model

Download and print the trigger page, then hover the AR camera over each floorplan and watch it come to life:

Download & Print Trigger Page

Once the 3D model of the floor plan appears follow these easy steps:

  • To take off the roof, click floor plan. Once inside, you can click the camera icon to have a full 360 degree view of the indoor/outdoor living lifestyle
  • If you want to look outside again, click the reverse arrow icon on the screen and the roof will reappear.


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