Helping you every step

2 December 2013

While we build new homes everyday, all across the east coast, we never lose sight that building your home is such a special moment. Because it can be daunting, McDonald Jones Homes has developed a simple 8-step process to reduce stress in the journey to your new home. 

Each step of McDonald Jones 8-step process simplifies the home building process for you. We help you with all the paperwork and documentation, from the initial deposit and planning submission, right through to your complimentary Colour Selections at our MyChoice Studio, building agreement, approvals, electrical selections and then construction commencement.

Many people don’t realise the work that goes into building, before we even start building! That’s why at McDonald Jones, you have a dedicated Liaison Officer who lives and breathes the paperwork needed and has close ties with council planning to make the process flow smoothly.

We love working through the 8-steps with clients so you can clearly see what is coming up. It’s a bit like driving somewhere new. When you can clearly see the road ahead, the journey is a lot less daunting.

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